The Center

Epson, For.Tex and F.lli Robustelli tools and know-how to make creativity come to life in textiles

Textile Solution Center is the facility entirely dedicated to research, assistance, training and promotion for industrial textile digital printing.
The Center is the joint venture between Epson inkjet technology, For.Tex experience in the textile printing and F.lli Robustelli mechanical know-how.

Total Solution

With Epson inkjet printing solutions, the Center can support each step of the textile digital printing process, from pre-treatment to print to post-treatment.

Monna Lisa® by F.lli Robustelli, digital system for Direct-to-Fabric high-volumes printing based on Epson technology, and the inks specially developed by For.Tex are also part of the process.

This is actually the Total Solution: using the same printing process where all components are integrated for a guaranteed end result.

The following infographic explains the advantages of textile digital printing vs traditional printing.

Download the PDF as infographic


Textile Printing Workflow

Traditional printing

Digital printing


No pre-treatment

Fabric treatment
with Pregen® by For.Tex
to guarantee vivid colours
and precise lines / outlines

Colour management

  • Colour separation
  • Engraving

This step is not needed

Sample printing

  • Printing paste preparation
  • Printing paste check
  • Screen / cylinder washing and storage
  • Printing paste / water disposal

Monna Lisa series
Digital system for direct-to-fabric
printing by F.lli Robustelli based on Epson technology

MP Printing

  • Printing paste preparation
  • Printing paste / water disposal
  • Screen / cylinder washing and storage


Monna Lisa series
by F.lli Robustelli

Heat transfer

Epson SureColor SC-F
large format sublimation printers

Plastic media

Epson SureColor
SC-S large format Signage printers

At the core of all textile printing solution





Issues with traditional printing

  • Waste management required
  • Higher environmental impact and higher production costs
  • Complex logistics management

Benefits of digital printing

  • Unlimited creativity in developing patterns
  • Just in time production and reduction in time to market
  • Wide operational and applicative flexibility
  • Opening up to new market niches
  • The green factor and its economic impact in production